X Body Shape (Hourglass)

X body shape (also known as Hourglass shape) characteristics

  1. Shoulders almost equal to hips – Measure your shoulder circumference and the hips at the widest point. If the two measurements are almost equal then we will check for the waist.
  2. Waist less than 75% of shoulders – Take your shoulder circumference and calculate 75% of that. If your waist is less than the calculated number then you have a X body shape. For example if your shoulder circumference is 40 inches, now 75% * 40 = 30 inches. So if your waist is equal to or less than 30 inches then you are an X shape.

[Read here how to measure yourself]

Some celebrities that have X body shape.

Celebrity X body shape

Know your styling tips and tricks- 

X body shape also known as hourglass figure is the most coveted body shapes in women. Your shoulders and hips are almost equal and you have a smaller waist. This means that your body is balanced and you don’t need to visibly enhance / diminish a body part to balance others. Sounds fun, right !!!

Style tip #1: Most Importantly –  Highlight your waist-

You have that narrow and curvy waist that helps in creating a pleasing appearance. Notice that in the below image, the narrowness of the waist has given a distinct look to the dress. And since you are blessed with a narrow waist you must try to wear the outfits in which your naturally curving narrow waist is visible.

X body shape narrow waist

Style tip #2: Avoid stiff garments-

Avoid stiff garments (hang away from body) which make you loose your narrow waist and make you look equal from top to bottom. Your shoulders and hips are almost equal and wearing stiff garments will make your waist look equal to them. Not the best looks for you.

Stiff garments – Retain their shape and do not follow the body curves.

X body shape avoid stiff clothes


Style tip #3: Wear body hugging garments to show off your curves-

Body hugging garments stick and hug the body. They practically take the shape of the body. Go for them if you do not have fat at your tummy.

Body hugging clothes

Style tip #3: Wear drapey garments to hide excess fat- 

Drapey fabrics stay close to the body while not sticking to it. They are great assets in hiding excess fat. So you can opt for drapey fabric on your top half (above the hips) if you have fat on you belly.

X body shape prefer clothes with drape


In summary:

  • Stiff garments – avoid if they are making you look equal from top to bottom
  • Body hugging garments – opt only on areas where there is no excess fat
  • Drapey garments – are your friends !!!!

Further styling tips for various clothing types:

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X body shape – Kurtis & Salwar suit

X body shape – Sarees