O Body Shape (Widest at tummy)

O body shape characteristics

The widest part of your body would be your tummy region. It would be wider than the shoulders and hips.

O body shape celebrities

Know your styling tips and tricks- 

Your mid region would be the widest body part and you would not want to draw any attention to it. Hence while choosing make sure that the design on the clothes does not highlight the tummy area.

We have certain styling suggestions for you –

Style tip #1: Wear clothes with drape- 

O body shape wear clothes with drape

  • Wear body draping fabrics- Friends of O body shape girls. It is one of the important thing for you is to wear fabrics that drape on your body. Draping fabric means that the fabric is such that it stays close to the body, while neither does the fabric stick to the body nor does it stand away from the body (see image above).
  • Do not wear stiff clothes -Stiff clothes make you look larger than you are: Stiff clothes that stay away from the body, will make you look very fat. They will stand away from your tummy and make it look wider than it is. Hence avoid clothes that are stiff and stand away from your body (see image above).
  • Do not wear body hugging clothes at waist – Clothes that stick will reveal your tummy: Not the best option for you. Hence avoid body hugging clothes (see image above).


Style tip #2: Avoid tight clothes at tummy region- 

Tight clothes are bound to bring attention to the widest part of your body i.e. your tummy. We bet you wanna avoid that.

O body shape avoid tight clothes at tummy

Style tip #3: Avoid wearing prominent design at your tummy:

Our eyes are instantly drawn to the main design in an outfit. When choosing clothes for yourself, avoid the ones that have prominent design on your tummy. We do not want any attention at this spot.

o body shape avoid design on your tummy


In the above picture, our eyes instantly notice the big circle in the first picture, text in the second picture and the button in the third picture. Along with the design the eyes end up noticing the tummy area as well.

Style tip #4: Wear straight designs that do not focus on your mid region –

The straight, lean designs will look great on you. Avoid any design on the tummy area. In all the pictures shown below, the O body shape girls are wearing drapey fabric that are neither stuck to their tummy nor are they standing away.

o body shape wear straight designs

Style tip #5: Clothes with ruching (pleats) at tummy are your friends- 

Ruching (pleats) at your tummy area can help hide bumps on the tummy area effectively. Just make sure they are in fabric with drape.

o body shape wear clothes with ruching

Ensure that the fabric of the clothes with ruching does not stick to your body.

O body shape avoid ruching in body hugging fabic

Style tip #6: Wear open necklines- O body shape Wear open necklines

As you will notice in the above picture, the open neckline ensures that our eyes stay near the face. However in case of closed necklines, the eyes do not get anything to focus on and hence move down to the tummy area.

Style tip #7: Wear large scale prints- 

Large scale prints will look better on your body. Read the article on body scale for further information.

O body shape wear large scale prints

Style tip #8:Avoid circular shapes / prints at your tummy- 

Circular prints suggest roundness. Avoid them at your tummy.

o body shape avoid circles

Further styling tips for various clothing types:

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