I Body Shape (Straight & lean body)

I body shape (Straight & lean body) characteristics

  • Your shoulders and hips would be almost equal in circumference in inches
  • Your waist would be more than 75% of your shoulders. For example your shoulders measure 32 inches, the waist would be greater than 24 inches (40*75% =30).
  • Your bra size would be 28 or less than 28. Irrespective of your cup size. For example if you wear 28B size bra then you are an I shape

However if your bra size is larger than 28 then you are an H body shape. See how to dress H body shape.

[Read here how to measure yourself]

Some celebrities that have I body shape.

celebrities I body shape

Know your styling tips and tricks- 

Your body shape is exactly like that of the ramp models – equal size from top to bottom. You are lucky that they do not have a pronounced belly or hips to hide. However when you wear fitted clothes, your true body shape is revealed- i.e. absence of curves.

I body shape fitted clothes

You would have heard people referring to you as a ‘ cloth hanger’ or that you look malnourished. If you do not like it, you can follow a few styling tricks and tips:

  • Styling tip #1: Avoid thin fabrics that hang on your body- 

Please avoid thin fabrics that make you look like a hanger; opt for thicker fabrics that maintain their shape.

Avoid thin fabrics that look like hanging off the body


  • Styling tip #2: Avoid oversized / shapeless clothes –

Please avoid clothes that are too big for your size particularly at your shoulders.I body shape avoid shapeless big clothes


  • Styling tip #3: Add broadness / design above the bust- 

Since your body measures equal from top to bottom, you can add broadness at one part of your body so that the other parts look slimmer in comparison.

For example, if you added broadness above your bust, your waist would look smaller in comparison. Perfect isn’t it – no more looking equal from top to bottom.

I shape Broad shoulders

 In the black saree in the picture below, puffed sleeves on the blouse make the waist look smaller in comparison. In the red dress, the puffed detail covering neck and arms, makes the bust look larger and the area under bust look smaller.

  • Styling tip #4: Wear well fitted clothes at top and loose clothes on bottom half

You can go reverse too. Wear well fitted clothes on top half of your body and balance the look by wearing loose clothes on the bottom half. Wear loose / wide / flared bottoms.

I body shape flared bottom


  • Styling tip #5: Create a narrow waist by going wide both above & below the waist

Since you are slim you could wear wide / broad clothes at two body parts say top (shoulders) and bottom (below knees) and then highlight the middle part which will look smaller. Does this girl’s waist look equal to her shoulders and hips anymore. I know right, this styling trick is working like a charm here!!!

I body shape create narrow waist

Also, some I shape girls have a very thin body relative to their head, adding wideness to one or more body parts can make their body look proportionately wider to their head.

  • Styling tip #6: Enhance your bust size-

I shape girls generally have an athlete type body and smaller bust. You might wanna try below styling options to look make your bust look bigger.

  • 6.1. Wear Sleeves that end at the bust level-

Sleeves that end at the bust level add an horizontal line at the bust level – notice the red line on the right image below. End your sleeves at the bust level to make them look larger than they are.

Short sleeves make bust look bigger

6.2. Use bust size enhancers –

Any design at the neck with extra fabric would make the area around the face look larger / broader including the bust.

bust size enhancers

6.3. Avoid deep necklines-

Avoid very deep neckline that make your bust look smaller.

avoid extremely deep necklines

In the left picture, the small sleeves ending at the bust enhance the neckline however the deep  neckline reveals the true size of the bust.

In the right picture extremely deep neckline is making the chest look flat. Compare these images to the small necklines in the picture above this one captioned ‘bust enhancers – excess fabric / frills / patch work / scarf’ and you can see for yourself that the bust size is looking much bigger. So try out these styles if you want to look fuller at chest. Also note that V necklines and halter necklines make the bust look smaller.

  • Styling tip #7: Enhance your hips size-

Hate to see that your hips look non-existent. You can try to make them look bigger than they are by wear design at the hips. You can wear flared and loose lowers to make your bottom look fuller. Things that help include

– Pockets on jeans

– Flared skirt

– Flared lowers like Patiala salwar, palazzos etc

– Fabric that maintains its shape or has lining underneath

I body shape avoid lowers that stick to your legs

In summary, your body is slim and straight hence you can wear design at any part of your body. The design / width at one body part would make the the other areas look smaller in comparison. You can add designs / broadness at:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Hip level
  • Below the knees

Further styling tips for various clothing types:

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