There are 3.5 billion women in this world and the fact is that each one is unique in our own way. However Fashion industry and clothing manufacturers, cannot design & make clothes for each one of us. They follow more or less standard measurements which do not flatter everyone.

The standardized clothing, makes us have often wonder –

  • My friend looked awesome in a dress, but this dress looks horrible on me?
  • When wearing anarkali, why do I look like I am wearing a tent?
  • Why do I have to always get my Jeans altered around my waist?
  • Why do all the shirts that I try, end up being tight on me in the shoulder area?

And there are so many more of them.

Such questions often make us feel that there is something wrong with our body! Makes us wish for longer legs; smaller hips; bigger busts; smaller waist etc etc…

We  mapped common body shapes and arrived at 7 most common women body shapes. Go on get the code to understand your body shape and learn which styles would flatter you.

If you have questions / confusion drop us an email the7bodyshapes@gmail.com. We can identify your body shape for you. The service is currently free for our lovely readers … Much love 🙂


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