Find your Body shape

To help girls understand their body structure, embrace their shapes and identify the clothes that will flatter them; we mapped similarities in the body structures and arrived at 7 Body shapes. We would say first step to dressing well is understanding your body shape!!! You agree right, so go ahead find out your body shape and learn the styling tricks and tips for free and look like a diva 🙂

7 body shapes in Celebrities – 

7 body shapes

Know your body shape:

Step 1 – Measure yourself –

Wear tight fitting clothes.  You need following measurements:

body shape measurement

Shoulder circumference – Place the measuring tape at the tip of one shoulder and wrap it around your shoulders.

Waist circumference- Waist usually lies just under your ribcage. Move your left arm up and bend to your right. The point where your side creases as you bend, is your waist. Keep a finger to mark your waist. Stand straight and wrap the measuring tape at that point to know your waist circumference.

Hips circumference- The point where your hips are the widest. Wrap the tape around your hips at the widest part to get the hip circumference.

Measuring yourself – You can measure yourself as well: 

Measure yourself


Step 2 – Find your body shape –

Write down your measurements in the following manner –


Situation 1: When one body measurement is more than the other two—

1 body area wider than other 2 Your Body shape
Shoulders more than waist & hips V Body shape
Waist more than shoulders & hips O Body shape
Hips more than shoulders & waist A Body shape

Situation 2: If shoulders and hips are almost equal—

Shoulders and hips are equal (in inches) Your Body shape
Waist less than 75% of shoulders  X Body shape
Waist more than 75% of shoulders H / I Body shape*

Waist example- If your shoulder circumference is 40 inches, now 75% * 40 = 30 inches. So if your waist is equal to or less than 30 inches then you are an X shape; else H / I shaped.

*Determine if you are H or I Body shape Your Body shape
Bra size 28 or below 28 (irrespective of cup size)  I Body shape
Bra size 30 or more (irrespective of cup size) H Body shape

Bra size example – If your bra size is 28B, then you are an I shape. Say if it 34C then you would be H shape.

Situation 3: You have a High hip—

If you have a high hip Your Body shape
High hip – Navel area wider than hips circumference 8 Body shape

The above maths could be overwhelming. Do not panic!!!

If you are unable to decide your body shape, send us your shoulders, waist, hips & navel area measurements on our email

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