H Body Shape (Straight body, no waist)

H body shape (Straight body, no waist) characteristics

  • Your shoulders and hips would be almost equal in circumference in inches
  • Your waist measure would be more than 75% of your shoulders. For example your shoulders measure 40 inches, the waist would be more than 30 inches (40*75% =30).
  • Irrespective of cup size, your bra size is 30 or more. For example you wear 36B bra size then you are H shaped.

If your bra size is less than 30 then you are an I shape.

[Read here how to measure yourself]

Some celebrities that have H body shape.

Celebrity H body shape

Know your styling tips and tricks- 

Just like H shape girls, X shape girls also have equal hips and shoulder circumference. However the difference lies in waist size. While in X shape girls the waist size is narrow (less than 75% of the hips measure), H shape girls have wider waist. See the below image –

H body shape_ waist is not narrow

Notice when compared to a X shape (hourglass) the waist is not that narrow for a H shape. So this is one area that we need to keep in mind while dressing.

Let’s look at another example – A dress being worn by a H shape and a X shape girl. Notice the wider waist of the H shape girl has opened up the entire dress till her ankles. Result is that when compared, X shape girl is looking slimmer.

H shape vs X shape

So to achieve a slimmer look, H shape girls have to dress in ways that make their waist look narrower than it actually is. Here are a few suggestions –

Style tip #1 – Fabric of the clothing:

  • Do not wear stiff clothes -Stiff clothes make the waist look larger than it is: Stiff clothes that stay away from the body, make H body shape girls look equal from shoulders to hips. Imagine if your waist also becomes equal to your shoulders and hips that can’t be a good look for you. Hence avoid clothes that are stiff and stand away from your body on your top half (see image below).
  • Do not wear body hugging clothes at waist – Clothes that stick will reveal your waist size: Since your waist is not the smallest part of your body – clothes that stick to your waist would highlight that your waist is not narrow and are not the best options for you. Hence avoid body hugging clothes (see image below).
  • Opt for body draping fabrics- Friends of H body shape girls. We believe it is one of the important thing for you is to wear fabrics that drape on the top half of your body (till the waist). Draping fabric means that the fabric is such that it stays close to the body, while neither does the fabric stick to the body nor does it stand away from the body.

H body shape wear fabrics with drape

Style tip #2 – Avoid designs at waist; wear them above the  waist (i.e. above bust & under bust):

When you wear design at the waist, eyes are drawn to the waist. Highlighting your not so narrow waist would make you look wider. Hence avoid horizontal lines / design at your waist.

  • Wear design over the bust: Will look great on you.

H body shape wear design over the bust

  • Empire line: The area under your bust is the smallest part of your body. Wear empire line clothing to highlight it and look slimmer. Empire line designs have horizontal line under the bust.

H body shape wear empire line

Style tip #3 – Wear vertical designs at waist:

Vertical designs divide the area in half. Hence vertical details would make your waist look narrow than it actually is and would look great on your body shape.

H body shape wear vertical designs at waist

Style tip #4 – Wear diagonal lines at waist:

Diagonal eyes direct eyes from the sides towards the center of your body, hence have a slimming effect.Notice the pink lines in the left jacket in image below. On the other hand horizontal lines add width to the area where they are worn, needless to say should be avoided near the waist. Notice the pink lines in the right jacket below.

H body shape wear diagonal details at waistThe principal not just applies to jackets but to all clothing types – tops, kurtis, sarees, dresses etc.

Style tip #5- Waist reducing designs i.e. curved diagonal lines known as princess seams:

Go for all curved lines designs that divide your waist vertically in three or more parts.

H body shape princess seams

Style tip #6 – Wear clothes that widen shoulders:

 When you wear clothes that add some width to your shoulders, in comparison your waist looks slimmer. Works all the time.

H body shape_Widen shoulders

Style tip #7 – Wear a belt at waist while wearing a loose dress only:

A belt / any other horizontal design at waist would highlight the size of your waist; which is not as narrow as X shaped girls. Notice that the belt worn in the red dress in left image below is highlighting a wider waist.

H body shape wear belt over a loose dress

Now have a look at the right image – wear a loose top and belt it, extra fabric below waist helps in making the waist look smaller. Please ensure that the clothes below the waist are not very loose so that the illusion of narrow waist is maintained.

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