What is Body Scale

Definition of scale  – Scale is the size of one object in relation to the other objects.

And body scale is another important element that determines which clothes would look better on you. Lets see how much could be the impact.

Okay, first let’s have a look at the images below. To me the blue middle circle in left image looks bigger than the right one.

scale comparison by circles

What if I claimed that the middle circle (blue one) is equal size in both the images.Would you believe me? I know you would not. So lets confirm it by drawing 2 parallel lines between the two blue cicles!!!!

scale comparison by circles

Oh my God!! Can you believe the circles are equal size. The lines joining the two circles are absolutely straight and parallel to each other. My logical brain is confused but my eyes are absolutely certain that the left one is much bigger.

This, my friends is the magical power of scale!!!!!!!!

Now lets see how it relates to our dressing.

  • Left picture: If  blue circle represented a girl’s body scale; when she wears a dress with very small scale, in comparison her body will look huge.
  • Right picture: If blue circle represented a girl’s body scale; and she wears a large scale dress, in comparison her body looks extremely small.

Notice that this average scale lady is being overwhelmed by the extra large scale design on her clothing. May be I could also say the extra large size of cirlces is making her look undernourished

clothing scale

As is clear from the images, disproportional scale is not pleasing and can alter your size. Now lets try with similar scale circles.

Go on find out your Body scale and dress accordingly.