A Body Shape (Broad hips)

A body shape (Broad hips or Pear body shape) characteristics – 

The widest part of your body would be your hips. It would be wider than the shoulders and waist. You would notice that whenever you put on weight, you tend to accumulate proportionately more fat in your hips and thigh region.

Some celebrities that have A body shape.

Celebrity A body shape

Know your styling tips and tricks- 

While dressing try to make your shoulders look broader so that hips & thighs do not stand out. Also if you place designs on your top half the attention would remain near your face.

  • Style tip #1: Add width at shoulders and sleeves-

Opt for designs (neck and shoulders) that add width around your shoulders and make them look equal to your hips size as much as possible.

A body shape

  • Style tip #2: Avoid horizontal lines / design at the hips-

Avoid horizontal lines or prominent designs or colors that highlight the butt area. Our goal is to ensure that it is highlighted as little as possible. It can be achieved by wearing design on the top half i.e. above the waist.

A body shape broad hips

  • Style tip #3: Highlight your waist-

If you have a narrow waist then you must wear outfits with horizontal line at the waist and also tight fitted clothes.  However if you have a tummy then its better you wear clothes that do not have a horizontal line at the waist. You can wear horizontal line at above your bust, under bust and under knees. Read more here

A body shape




Further styling tips based on clothing types:

A body shape – Tops & shirts

A body shape – Jeans & trousers

A body shape – Jackets

A body shape – Tunics/ Kurtis

A body shape – Tunics / Kurtis / Dresses fabric

A body shape – Sarees