Look taller

If you want to look taller than your height, then besides following the guidelines on dressing your body shape, try to also follow below tips –

  • Style tip #1: Wear vertical designs- 

Any design that draws your eyes down will make you look taller.

wear vertical designs


When you are buying new clothes and the goal is to look taller, notice your eye movement while looking at the design on the dress. Look at the picture below, when you look at left picture your eyes stay at the top half while looking at the right one our eyes travel down pretty fast. Hence taller appearance.

avoid horizontal designs to look tall


  • Style tip #2: Avoid oversized clothes- 

Nothing makes you look shorter than you already are but over sized clothes. Especially if the clothes are not fitting well at the shoulders. Go for alteration and get your height back.

avoid oversized clothes for a taller look


  • Style tip #3: Wear one colour- 

Wearing one colour from top to bottom will give you a taller look. When we wear two or more colours, the horizontal line divides the body in two parts and hence makes it easier for viewers to judge the real height of the wearer.

wear one colour to look tall

In last picture, the vertical line of blue colour is not broken by dupatta in beige colour.

Simialrly while wearing jeans, create a tall look by

  1. One colour from top to bottom
  2. Jacket and trouser in same colour, top in different colour (creates one colour lean look)
  3. or wear similar colours eg. light pink top with dark pink colour jeans

look tall in jeans

Similar colours will also give a taller appearance. Some examples –


In the last picture, the peach colour of the top is picked up by our eyes in her pants as well. Thus giving her a tall look.


  • Style tip #4: Longer clothes make look taller- 

Longer clothes make us look taller. Do make sure they fit well to get a lean and tall look. In the below image, right most girl is looking the tallest.



  • Style tip #5: Match your shoe colour to your pants-

Match your shoe colour to your pants to get a tall look. In the right image our eyes stop at the change in colour from black to white, left one is better option to look tall.


  • Style tip #6: Wear prints and designs to your body scale- 

While choosing clothes, keep your body scale in mind. If you wear clothes with scale extremely large than your own body scale, you will look shorter in height. Like these pictures in which girls with small scale are dressed in large scale clothes.

look tall

  • Style tip #7: Keep your hair short –

You would look taller in shorter hair. Try it out 🙂

look tall




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