Make your Bust look bigger

If you have small bust size, you can use these tricks to make your bust look bigger.

1. Wear Sleeves that end at the bust level-

Sleeves that end at the bust level add an horizontal line at the bust level and hence your bust size would look larger than it is. Notice the red line on the right image below and compare it with left image. Right one is definitely looking bigger. So from now on end your sleeves at the bust level to make them look larger than they are.

Short sleeves make bust look bigger


2.  Design / extra fabric at the bust- 

Any design or extra fabric at the bust area would make your bust look larger than they are. Look at the image below – it could be extra fabric, frills, patch work or even a scarf worn over your top.

Bust size enhancers


3. Avoid broad & deep necklines-

Very broad and very deep neckline that make your bust look smaller.

If have small bust Avoid very broad and deep neckline

In the left picture, the small sleeves ending at the bust enhance the neckline however the broad neckline reveals the true size of the bust.

In the right picture, very broad and very deep neckline is making her chest look flat. Compare these images to the images above and notice the difference.

4. Pockets on shirts- 

Wear pockets on shirts and t-shirts to enhance bust size.

Wear pockets on shirts


5. Avoid clothes that hang on you- 

Your bust will look smaller in clothes that seem to hang on your body. Normally clothes in thin fabric look like they are hanging. Avoid them as they would make your bust look smaller. Wear a bit thicker fabric that maintain their shape.

Avoid thin fabrics that hang on you


6. Jackets with large collars- 

The larger the collars, the fuller your bust would appear.

Wear big collars on jackets

So try out these styles if you want to look fuller at chest. Also note that V necklines and halter necklines make bust look smaller.


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