How to hide your tummy

If you have fat on your tummy, these little tricks are very useful:

  1. Do not wear clothes tight at your tummy- 

Tight clothes at tummy would bring focus on your tummy area, wear a little loose clothes. Tight clothes that pull at your tummy, are not your friends..

Avoid tight clothes at tummy

2. Ruching helps in hiding tummy fat – 

Ruching – loose pleating (as seen in images below) is a very effective way of hiding your tummy fat. Must try!!!

Ruching hides tummy


3. Do not wear any design on your tummy –

Our eyes are drawn to the design on the clothes. When we wear design on the tummy area, both design as well as tummy is noticed. Let’s avoid that for a slimmer look.

Avoid design on tummy


4. Wear fabric with drape – 

Choosing right fabric is very important. Always choose fabrics that drape on your tummy region. Avoid clothes that stick to your body – would bring attention to tummy. Also avoid stiff clothes that would make you look equally broad from top to bottom.

  • Body hugging garments: Stick and hug the body and take the shape of the body.
  • Stiff garments: Do not follow the body curves and stand stiff away from body.
  • Drapey garments: Stay close to the body while not sticking to it. Are great at hiding the tummy.

Wear drapey fabric


5. Wear open jacket over your tops- 

Wear jacket over tops


6. Wear vertical designs- 

Try to wear designs that divide your tummy area vertically into three or more parts. In smaller parts, the tummy will look much smaller.

O body shape vertical division


7. Wear large scale running prints 

Wear larger scale prints that do not have much empty space between two prints. Read the article on body scale for further information.

Notice the picture below. In the left running print, our eyes do not focus on a particular point. Hence the wearer looks slimmer. While looking at the right print due to gap between the design, our eyes travel slowly from one design to another hence we notice the size of the arms, bust, tummy etc.O body shape wear large scale running prints








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