8 body shape – Jackets


Jackets are your friends. They can help you hide the extra width at your high hips very easily.

8 body shape add a jacket

Types of jackets that will look great on you:

1. Open jackets – Open jackets would look better on you than buttoned up jackets.

Shape: Open jackets could be in any shape – straight or fitted at waist.

8 body shape open jackets

Clothing material: Can be body hugging, stiff or in drapey fabric.

8 body shape open jackets

Length: Any length – cropped, till high hip or even till lower hip

2. Closed Jackets (Buttoned up): While wearing buttoned up jackets you will need to pay attention to the shape and material of the jackets.

Make sure the closed jackets – 

  • Are in drapey fabric
  • Are fitted at the waist
  • Are in single button style

Avoid buttoned up jackets- 

  • In double breasted style
  • In stiff fabrics
  • In straight shape – without waist definiton

8 body shape avoid double breasted jackets

You can wear straight shape open, avoid buttoning them up to avoid boxy look.

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