8 body shape – Tunics / Kurtis

Kurtis and Tunics-

You can wear any style of kurtis / suits while you keep in mind the following two pointers:

Style Pointer #1 – Straight shape from high hip (where you have hip bone) to knees–

Always try to wear straight shape from high hip to knees. Even if it is flared / anarkali shape it will look good on you provided that the fall of the tunic is such that it gives a relatively straight shape at hips. A flare which gives an A line shape will make you look fat because the flare would start from your high hip and would continue till bottom.

8 body shape Straight shape kurti

If you want to wear flare it should be as little as possible. And should be in drapey fabric and not in stiff fabric. 8 body shape flare to be minimum


Style Pointer #2 – Clothing material-

You will look good in drapey fabrics, avoid stiff and body hugging outfits. Fabric that drape over your body (in other words stay close to the body without hugging them) are your friends.

8 body shape wear drapey kurti

As long as you are careful about the above two points, you can wear any style of kurtis. However when looking for the flattering styles you might want to consider –

  • Regarding length of Tunic / Kurti-

You will find it easier to wear shorter lengths till your knees than the long styles that reach till your ankles. For longer styles it is best to try as many as possible to see which ones give you the right flare and look good on you.

  • Kurtis that highlight area under your bust are your friends – 

Area under your bust is the narrowest part of your body – highlight it to look slim. Wear horizontal line under your bust. Also if you find a style with a horizontal line at the waist that does not highlighting your hip shelf then you have a winner.

8 body shape highlight waist

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