8 body shape – Tops / shirts

Design on the top / shirt:

The design when placed around the neck and in the middle of the top would work best for you so that attention stays away from your high hip. You will look good in two variety of tops:

  1. Tops / shirts fitted at waist: You have a narrow waist and would look great when you highlight it with shirts that are fitted at your waist. Ways to achieve the fitting at waist –
  • Wear belt at waist: You can wear a belt with both kinds of tops – fitted at hips as well as loose at hips. Choose based on your comfort level.

8 body shape wear a belt

  • Peplum tops: Peplum are meant for your body shape. With its unique structure of fitting at waist and room at high hips, they work brilliantly for your body shape.

8 body shape wear peplum tops

8 body shape create peplum look

  • Wrap top and empire line top:
    • Wrap top – Front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other.
    • Empire line top – Fitted under the bust
    • Any other design that is fitted under the bust or near the waist and hence highlight your narrower body parts.

8 body shape wrap top empire line

2. Straight shape from waist to hip bone –

You can opt for straight tops (that do not have waist fitting) with straight jeans. Please avoid skinny jeans (tight at ankle) with straight top – the narrow ankle would bring attention to your hips.

8 body shape straight shape tops

In the image above, notice that the girl in the picture on the extreme right is wearing pants that narrow at the ankles – even though it is not as narrow as a skinny jeans – when you reach the narrow ankle point, the eyes go back up and notice the wider hips jutting out. While in case of girls in left & middle picture get a fantastic long lean look. Also notice that in left & middle picture, wider shoulder / sleeve design is making the hip area look narrow in comparison.

Lastly, for straight shape tops to work for you, it is super important that the fabric has drape in it (See Style pointer # 3 here).

Other important factors while dressing up in tops / shirts that flatter you:

  • Top length- 

You will look best in tops that end close to your high hip. If they end at your low hip, the broad hip shelf will get highlighted. Your best bet it to wear a top in a lighter colour a little below your hip bone (where hip starts) and pair it with a jeans in a dark colour to achieve a slimmer look.

Notice in the below picture, in the long yellow top draws a horizontal line at the lower hip and is bringing extra attention to the wider high hip. The red top ending at little higher helps in achieving a slimmer perception.

8 body shape opt for short tops

  • Necklines: Open and wider necklines that draw attention to your face would look best on you.
  • Clothing: Drapey clothing will look best on you.

8 body shape wear clothes with drape at high hip

  • Top/ shirt structure: You need a top that has room for your high hip. You might have to search for the right fit since most clothing manufacturers use narrow high hip measurements; or you could get a larger size top altered at the shoulders and waist to your size. In summary you are looking for a shirt that fits you at your waist and is a little loose at your high hip. Whenever you find one, you have found a winner.

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