V Body shape

Shoulders are the widest part of the body, you would look heavy at the top.

Have a look at the below picture.

V body shape shoulder reducing design

In the left picture, this V shaped body girl is wearing a broad neckline and is looking top heavy because of the neckline. Since broad shoulders are a characteristic of men’s bodies, girls like to avoid the look. In the right picture, I added open hair on both sides so that the actual size of shoulders (the distance from her neck to shoulders) is not visible and hence her body looks much more balanced. And she looks slimmer too.

So lets see what you should be careful about while dressing your body

Style tip #1: Opt for innovative shoulder stitching to make shoulders less broad-  

The shoulder stitch marks your shoulders, if there is no stitching then it is difficult to gauze exact size of your shoulders. Wow, thats brilliant if your shoulders do not stand out. Also diagonal stitching helps. Try these and notice the difference-

  • Raglan sleeves – Sleeves are stitched diagonally. Extremely effective at minimizing shoulders – ‘Can become your preferred sleeves for all tailored clothing’.  

V body shape Raglan sleeves

  • Dolman sleeves – Loose sleeves cut in one piece with the body of garment. Opt them in flowy garments because in stiff garments, sleeve design would make you look broad.

V body shape dolman sleeves

  • Gathered necklines: Gathered neckline with free flowing sleeves.

V body shape gathered necklines

  • Diagonal sleeveless neck designs – Any neckline that has diagonal design pointing towards the neck, would make your shoulders look narrow like halter necks.Notice the black lines in the first picture below.

V bpdy shape diagonal neck design


Style tip #2: Avoid highlighting your shoulders –

Since shoulders are the widest part of the body, make sure you do not wear clothes that bring attention to your shoulders.

V body shape avoid highlighting your shoulders


Style tip #3: Wear design & prints below the waist-

When you look at the below pictures, what do you notice first – plain black area or the printed area? Look again. Our eyes are always drawn to prints & colours and not so much on plain dark areas. Obviously you want the focus away from the widest part of your body i.e shoulders.

V body shape wear prints and designs below the waist


Style tip #4: Wear wider clothes below the hips – 

Adding width below the hips would help you balance your wider shoulders.

V body shape wear width below hips


Style tip #5: Avoid broad necklines –

Avoid necklines whose width is more than the length (notice the yellow lines on first picture below) like Boat necks, wide necks.

V body shape avoid braod necklines


Style tip #6: Avoid narrow straps

Thin straps would make your shoulders look broader. You can wear thicker straps if you do not have thicker upper arms. In the below picture, notice the thicker straps on the right are making the shoulders look less broad.

V body shape wear thicker straps

Style tip #7: Avoid Sleeveless

Sleeveless dresses are not your friends – they bring attention to your shoulders and make them look broad. Avoid them. Notice that in the right picture below, the open hair falling on the left shoulder are making the shoulder look less broad than the right sleeveless shoulder.V body shape avoid sleeveless


In summary, while dressing up try to achieve the folloowing –

  • Avoid prominent design on shoulders -Prominent designs would focus attention on shoulders.
  • Broaden area below hips -Wear design / loose garments below hips so that your lower half looks equal to shoulders and body looks balanced.

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