Find your Body Scale

Based on the below three parameters you can determine your Body scale-

Body scale Small Average Large
1. Height Below 5 feet 5.1 feet to 5. 5 feet Above 5.5 feet
2. Clothing size that you           normally buy* XS / S M L / XL / XXL
3. Facial features Small scale Medium scale Large scale
Suggested design scale for your clothes Small & Average Average & Large Large & Extra large

*Clothing size in ready made clothes

In case all the three features are not in the same scale, then go with the majority i.e. select the body scale where you tick 2 of your features. Lets look at example for each.

Example 1- All 3 features lie in one scale
1. Height 4 feet 11 inches (Small)
2. Clothing size that you normally buy Small size (S)
3. Facial features Small scale
Body scale in this example is Small.
Example 2 – Selection by Majority 
1. Height 4 feet 11 inches (Small)
2. Clothing size that you normally buy Medium size (M)
3. Facial features Medium scale
Body scale in this example is Average.


Examples of design scale in clothes:

  • Small scaled clothing – Notice all the prints are small in size.

Small design scale


  • Average scaled clothing- 

In the last shirt, small flowers are arranged in clusters with blank spaces in between the clusters. From a distance the clustered flowers give the appearance of average size flower hence shirt design becomes average scaled.

Average design scale


Large and extra large scale clothing – 

Large design scale


Notice that in second picture, extra large print is looking odd on the small scale girl. Also in the third picture, the cluster of average scaled flowers together makes it a large scale print (which is looking good on an average body scaled Kaley).

Be careful when you have a large scale facial feature:

Someone with a smaller scale but with one large facial feature like eyes or nose or lips or ears, would not look good in smaller scale clothes. Their large feature (eyes or nose or lips or ears) would look even bigger in small scaled clothes. Have a look at these pictures-

Body scale_clothing scale

The actress here is small in height with a large clothing size and a pronounced facial feature i.e. her nose. When she dresses in small scale dresses her nose and her body structure looks even bigger. She looks great in the large scaled print of red dress in the extreme right picture. Don’t you agree!! Did you find out your body scale and suggested clothing design scale….