8 Body Shape (Hip shelf)

8 body shape (Hip shelf) characteristics

  • The distinguishing point for 8 body shape girls is that the width of their high hip is more than the lower hip i.e. the butts. High hip is located near your navel, it is the bone that juts out below the waist (see image below). Even in girls with super thin boney body structure,  the high hip bone is significantly wide . In some cases low hip could be almost equal to the high hip.
  • Most of the 8 shape girls have a narrow waist which means the waist is less than 75% of the high hips circumference.
  • Shoulders could be equal to or narrow than the high hip.Notice in the image below, the high hip bone is prominently wide.8 body shape

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Some celebrities that have 8 body shape.

Celebrities 8 body shape

Know your styling tips and tricks- 

8 body shape girls have a wider high hip. We notice 8 body shapes have a narrow waist and then suddenly get wider at high hip. While  X bodies (hourglass figure) curve down gradually below the waist and are widest at the lower hip.

X vs 8 body shape

Styling 8 body shape girls: Please follow the following 5 style pointers-

Style Pointer # 1 – Wear clothes that are fitted just under the bust: 

Fitted under bust



Style Pointer # 2 – Avoid very tight clothes at hip shelf:

8 body shape avoid very tight clothes at high hip

Style pointer # 3 -Opt for fabric with drape at high hip:

8 body shape wear clothes with drape at high hip

  • Body hugging garments: Stick and hug the body and take the shape of the body. They do not extend any help in hiding the wideness of the high hip
  • Stiff garments: Do not follow the body curves and stand stiff away from body. Hence make 8 shape girls look equally broad from high hip to their knees.
  • Drapey garments: Stay close to the body while not sticking to it. Are great at hiding the sudden wideness at high hip.

Style pointer #4: Straight shape of clothes from high hip to knees-

8 body shape straight shape from high hip to low hip

Straight shape would make you slimmer, in flared garments the high hip will make the flare to open too fast and might make you look wider than you actually are.

Style pointer #5: Below knees the shape could flare –

We recommend that you wear straight shape from high hip to your knees and wear flare below the knees to look gorgeously slim. Brilliant isn’t it.

8 body shape wear flare below the knees only

Further styling tips for various clothing types:

8 body shape – Tops / Shirts

8 body shape – Jeans / Trousers

8 body shape – Jackets 

8 body shape – Sarees

8 body shape – Kurti & Salwar Kameej